Literature and Books

Since finishing school in December 2016 I’ve read sixteen books (one book I forgot to add to list and have since forgotten the title): Five Women, The Best of Everything, The Road Taken, An American Love Story, and The Cousins (all) by Rona Jaffe – by-far Jaffe has become my favourite author! Her career spans […]

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Back to Reality

One theme that’s been popping back into my head over and over again while I’ve been in Lyon is how I’ll find inspiration in my surroundings once I’m back home. I’ll be moving to Toronto, a brand new city for me, once I’m back and although the newness of the city will be exciting for […]

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Le Luminarium

Le Luminarium was the first place I found in Lyon that made the city feel a little bit like home. A city starts to feel like home to me when i can see myself returning everyday, when I feel comfortable enough to spend hours there reading a book or writing. The familiarity of a place […]

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So far Lyon has been a place of introspection for me. I arrived on a Thursday afternoon after an eighteen hour journey, ┬áduring which my shower gel most fortunately exploded in the front pocket of my hiking backpack, so safe to say I was tired and a smallest bit I rated upon arrival. For anyone […]

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Reflections, Part III

My last day in Madrid was so much better than I could have anticipated. In my last Reflections post I focused on the people that I had met. This is a continuing theme in my travels: that the people I meet have the largest influence on my experience. I’ve talked about Augusto and Maria a […]

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