About Nemee

Hey, I’m Nemee!


I started this blog in July 2017 as a way to maintain my writing while I travelled. I’d always wanted to start a blog, and many a blog I started, but I could never commit to maintaining one. Eat Pray Nemee is different for me though. It’s an outlet through which I recollect and reflect upon my experiences. It’s a way for me to maintain my writing skills. And maybe more importantly, it’s a medium through which I critically think about my experiences.


My experiences and writing might be entertaining for some to read, and not so much for others, but I hope that if there’s anything anyone can gain out of my digital space it’s that there’s room for learning and self-awareness. There’s so much that individuals have to offer one another in terms of recollecting experiences, so here, through Eat Pray Nemee, I offer a piece of my experiences to you.


For anyone wondering about where my blog title came from, I obviously took some inspiration from the book Eat Pray Love. But the day before I left for my travels across Europe I was having a final dinner with a friend where I joked about starting a blog and calling it Eat Pray Nemee. Like so many of the things I joke about there was more than a little grain of truth to what I was saying – I actually quite liked the title, and so I decided that it’d stick.


July 2017, Sintra (Portugal)