Le Luminarium

Le Luminarium was the first place I found in Lyon that made the city feel a little bit like home. A city starts to feel like home to me when i can see myself returning everyday, when I feel comfortable enough to spend hours there reading a book or writing. The familiarity of a place makes me love a city so much more than simply feeling like a visitor wherever I go.




Le Luminarium is located near Vieux Lyon, a fairly touristy part of Lyon by the old city. It’s both a coffee shop and an Etsy shop. It’s gorgeous and immediately catches your eye from the outside. They sell many beautiful and creative light bulbs and also other artistic pieces like posters and ornaments.



They’ve also got some tasty cheesecake and pastries. Even their glassware is beautiful and ornamental! The attention to detail within the space was so impressive. In their bathrooms even the toilet paper was printed with different designs – I tried to get a picture but the dim lighting and my iPhone 5 camera didn’t mesh as well as I would’ve preferred.



Coffee shops are some of my favourite settings for two particular reasons: 1. The history of coffee shops is incredibly interesting to me as places where individuals would converge and discuss different ideas or philosophies, and 2. They’re easy places to get a delicious snack and drink and read, work, write, and whatever else you fancy for hours. They’re emblems of society and culture. For me finding a new coffee shop that I can go hangout in is like creating a personal space for myself within a city. It makes the city feel like home and creates a certain sense of belonging.

For anyone visiting Lyon, I would wholeheartednly suggest Le Luminarium.

2 thoughts on “Le Luminarium

  1. Oooh this sounds very inspiring! I’m also an avid coffee shop fan (there may or may not be a Cafe Nero where all the staff know me by name… I admit nothing) so any city with such an artistic and inspiring one like this is a tick in my book! Although I love shopping all too much, so being surrounded by Etsy wares (one of my all time favourite markets!) is risky business 😏 lovely post!xx


    1. The only thing stopping me from shopping was the fact hat my backpack is already loaded up and I’m only a third of he way into my trip. I’m already excited to furnish a new apartment when I’m home so il definitely be keeping their online Etsy store in mind when I’m back!


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