Le Luminarium

Le Luminarium was the first place I found in Lyon that made the city feel a little bit like home. A city starts to feel like home to me when i can see myself returning everyday, when I feel comfortable enough to spend hours there reading a book or writing. The familiarity of a place […]

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So far Lyon has been a place of introspection for me. I arrived on a Thursday afternoon after an eighteen hour journey, ┬áduring which my shower gel most fortunately exploded in the front pocket of my hiking backpack, so safe to say I was tired and a smallest bit I rated upon arrival. For anyone […]

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Reflections, Part III

My last day in Madrid was so much better than I could have anticipated. In my last Reflections post I focused on the people that I had met. This is a continuing theme in my travels: that the people I meet have the largest influence on my experience. I’ve talked about Augusto and Maria a […]

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LGBTQ Culture in Madrid

On my last day in Madrid, on my way to visit the Salamanca neighbourhood, I came across CentroCentro (the cultural centre of Madrid). There was a really interesting exhibition called ‘Nuestro deseo es una revolutcion’ or ‘Our Desire is a Revolution: Images of Sexual Diversity in Spain (1977-2017)’ being showcased that immediately caught my eye. […]

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Tired, Tired, Tired

 I’m currently sitting on a couch in the lounge hostel eating leftover 1 euro empanadas. I’m so exhausted and I think I’m getting sick (and apparently so is everyone else in the hostel from all the coughing echoing around). I’ve spent the last three hours in this same position figuring out my travel plans for […]

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4 Favourite Spots in Madrid

I’ve been in Madrid five days now and have another three days to go. I haven’t planned where I’ll be off to next so if anyone has any suggestions, I would love recommendations! I’m thinking southern France since I’m mainly bussing from city to city and am looking to make my way east to Budapest […]

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The People I’ve Met

The people I’ve met and my surroundings are easily the best parts of my trip. My beautiful surroundings and the heartwarming character of the people I’ve met so far have made this trip as amazing as it has been.  So here’s a few of those people.  Bogdan is  twenty-eight and originally from Romania, but currently […]

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