Top 5 Picks for Vienna

I've been having such a wonderful time exploring Vienna I haven't had time to check-up on my blog once this week! It feels so weird to have been away for five days, but hey that's a good thing and I've got no complaints! Vienna is such a beautiful city to get lost in, and just […]

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My Next Tattoo

If I had enough money I'd get a tattoo in each new city that I've visited. Unfortunately, I don't. Presently, I have two tattoos but, like most other inked-up individuals, I want more. I was gifted my first tattoo on my eighteenth birthday by my sister. In Baskerville script on the inside of my left […]

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Reflections, Part IV

Today I'm writing from a bench in Vienna with greasy Brie fingers and a tad smelly from a 20 hour journey from Lyon. Another hour of exploring and I can check into my hostel and get showered and feel like myself again. I was hoping to write this post in the bus from Zurich to […]

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Literature and Books

Since finishing school in December 2016 I've read sixteen books (one book I forgot to add to list and have since forgotten the title): Five Women, The Best of Everything, The Road Taken, An American Love Story, and The Cousins (all) by Rona Jaffe – by-far Jaffe has become my favourite author! Her career spans […]

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Back to Reality

One theme that's been popping back into my head over and over again while I've been in Lyon is how I'll find inspiration in my surroundings once I'm back home. I'll be moving to Toronto, a brand new city for me, once I'm back and although the newness of the city will be exciting for […]

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