Terror Haza/Terror House in Budapest

As a graduate of history and political science I am fascinated by the philosophies and histories of war and international relations. In university I focused on the history of international relations, colonialism, revolution, and terrorism in the twentieth century with a focus on Europe, Africa, and Afghanistan. I’m not sure when or how my fascination […]

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Sziget Festival 2017

Sziget Festival was a dream. It was unreal. It was beautiful, liberating, amazing, incredible, energetic – I’m really delving through my vocabulary for all the best adjectives I know right now and I can’t find any that fully describe the festival experience with any justice. I went to the week-long festival in Budapest alone and […]

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Reflections, Part V

Alrighty, well I just lost my entire Reflections Post by trying to add a photo and deleting everything, so here we go again!   I didn’t realize I had a Reflections post due until I just checked my notifications. I’m sniffly. I’m having coughing fits that look eerily close to seizures and everyone in this […]

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Top 5 Picks for Vienna

I’ve been having such a wonderful time exploring Vienna I haven’t had time to check-up on my blog once this week! It feels so weird to have been away for five days, but hey that’s a good thing and I’ve got no complaints! Vienna is such a beautiful city to get lost in, and just […]

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My Next Tattoo

If I had enough money I'd get a tattoo in each new city that I've visited. Unfortunately, I don't. Presently, I have two tattoos but, like most other inked-up individuals, I want more. I was gifted my first tattoo on my eighteenth birthday by my sister. In Baskerville script on the inside of my left […]

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Reflections, Part IV

Today I’m writing from a bench in Vienna with greasy Brie fingers and a tad smelly from a 20 hour journey from Lyon. Another hour of exploring and I can check into my hostel and get showered and feel like myself again. I was hoping to write this post in the bus from Zurich to […]

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